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Community-based Services
We operate on the philosophy that healthcare is primarily a community-based service. All North Carolina Diagnostic Imaging centers are created to be a permanent fixture in the communities in which they operate. To that end, each of our independent diagnostic imaging centers is staffed and operated at a local level. Talented professionals are employed to provide the best quality services to their own communities.

Quality Standards, Board Certification, and Accreditation
Our care givers have the credentials and experience to ensure you receive the highest quality imaging services. All of our radiologists are Board Certified. What's more, we are a preferred provider for an extensive array of managed care payers.
Our Locations
North Carolina Diagnostic Imaging has over twenty locations to serve you and your family's medical imaging needs.

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Referring Physicians
North Carolina Diagnostic Imaging provides a superior level of medical imaging services to help referring physicians deliver the best possible treatment and patient care. Our radiologists pride themselves on providing responsive service to our referring providers. Reports are generated within 24 hours and are available to referring physicians through our online radiology information services.
Our professional and caring staff also recognizes when a patient visits our imaging centers they may be worried or anxious about their health and the procedure itself. Patient comfort and convenience is paramount as well as sensitivity to the individual needs of each patient.
Referral Forms, Reports & Images, Appointments
We're here to assist you! Results are available to referring physicians by clicking on the appropriate Provider Access button that is located on each page of our site. Our Requisition/Referral Form can be downloaded and printed at your office by selecting the appropriate form on our Services for Physicians page.
About Our Services
North Carolina Diagnostic Imaging offers a full range of imaging services with board-certified physicians, certified technologists, service-oriented staff and state-of-the-art imaging technologies. All diagnostic imaging procedures must be recommended by your physician and require a physician order. Your physician's office staff can assist you with your appointment or you can schedule your procedure directly with us.

Our diagnostic imaging services use the latest technology, including CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, diagnostic X-ray, screening mammography and digital mammography. North Carolina Diagnostic Imaging is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care in diagnostic imaging services.
Not all imaging services are available at each location. To determine if a specific imaging procedure or study is available at the location of your choice, please visit the corresponding service or location page.
All diagnostic imaging procedures must be recommended by your physician and require a physician order. Your physician's office staff can assist you with your appointment or you can schedule your procedure directly with us.
Your Arrival
You will be asked to arrive before your scheduled appointment to allow time for you to complete the necessary paperwork. Please bring the following documents to your appointment:
Requisition/Order Form
Insurance Cards
Contact Information
Billing & Insurance
At North Carolina Diagnostic Imaging, we want to assist you in coping with your financial requirements. Each health insurance company has different rules for filing claims. You may incur added expense if you fail to follow your insurer's requirements.
North Carolina Diagnostic Imaging is a part of Novant Health, an integrated not-for-profit health system nationally recognized for quality healthcare and innovation. If you are driven to succeed and share our desire to improve the health of our communities, then Novant Health Imaging might be the right place for you.

Novant Health Imaging offers many exciting opportunities for you to learn, grow and advance your healthcare career.

Find a Job
If you would like to join us in delivering the most remarkable patient experience in every dimension every time, we want to talk with you about possibilities on the Novant Health Imaging team. Employees at Novant Health Imaging are selected not only for their experience and ability but also for their willingness to deliver an exceptional level of customer service.
Online Payments
North Carolina Diagnostic Imaging plays a proactive role in helping patients receive quality care. We work with an extensive national network of insurance and managed care organizations. Always putting the patient first means ensuring your Novant Health Imaging experience is the best possible. Your experience as a patient continues throughout our care for you, until you are satisfied with the way we handle your insurance filing and any remaining bill payments

Payment Information
North Carolina Diagnostic Imaging offers you the ability to pay your account online. If you would prefer to speak to a customer service representative or you would like to use another form of payment, please call our Patient Financial Services Department at (877) 442-2988 or you can email them by clicking here. The call center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am – 7:00 pm EST. Online payments can be made using Visa, /MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

All you'll need...
You will need to have both your statement and method of payment on hand in order to complete the online payment process. Be sure to have the Code ID and Access Number printed on your statement ready.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
When your doctor recommends a diagnostic imaging test such as an MRI, CT, ultrasound, mammogram or X-ray, you have a choice where that test is performed. At North Carolina Diagnostic Imaging, we are dedicated to ensuring that you have an outstanding patient experience. We are committed to providing convenient, high quality radiology services at a price you can afford.

Knowing what to expect at your radiology appointment can ease concerns and help your visit go smoothly. Please view our Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers and contact us if you have further questions.


Fluoroscopy converts x-rays into video images and is used to watch and guide the progress of the procedure. The video is produced by the x-ray machine and a detector that is suspended over a table on which the patient lies. Some of the specific fluoroscopic procedures we provide include Upper and Lower GI exams.

The upper GI exam, (upper gastrointestinal tract radiography) is an X-ray exam of the pharynx, esophagus, stomach and duodenum (part of the small intestine).

The lower GI exam, (lower gastrointestinal tract radiography, or barium enema) is an X-ray exam of the large intestine (colon) and sometimes the appendix.

Both exams use a contrast medium known as barium, or in some cases gastrograffin, which enhance the body area of interest.

A radiologist will be present during your exam to view the images as they are taken.

Your doctor will be able to give you additional details about the exam, but a general idea of what to expect is provided below.

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant. Your doctor may decide whether to postpone the exam or use an alternative exam to reduce the possible risk of exposing your baby to radiation.

For upper GI exams – The night before your exam, do not eat or drink anything after 10:00 p.m. Refrain also from smoking or chewing gum prior to your exam.

For lower GI exams – The day before your exam, closely follow the EZ-EM prep package instructions provided by your doctor. The EZ-EM prep package is a liquid diet and laxative to clean your bowel to prevent obscuring or mimicking of abnormalities.

Our technologist and radiologist will prepare and guide you by explaining the procedure and positioning you to ensure the highest quality images are obtained from your exam.

Upper GI Exam
The exam is painless and typically takes between 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

You will be given a liquid contrast medium to drink during the exam. The contrast medium is a flavored mixture of barium sulfate and water. In addition, you may be given effervescent crystals with the contrast medium to further improve the images.

You will be asked to stand upright and as well as lie down during the exam.

The radiologist will guide you on how much and when to drink the contrast medium while he or she observes the flow of liquid through your esophagus to your stomach.

In some cases, diagnostic imaging (X-rays) will accompany the exam if requested by the radiologist. This will take only a few extra minutes.

Lower GI Exam
The lower GI exam typically takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The exam is an enema and is generally not painful but some discomfort may be experienced. You will experience a feeling of fullness; need to go to the bathroom and/or some cramping. It is important that you hold the contrast liquid in until the technologist has completed the exam.

You will be asked to undress for the exam and will be given a hospital gown to wear.

You will lie on an X-ray table on your left side.

To begin, the technologist will capture an initial x-ray image or scout film to make sure you are properly prepped. This image will be reviewed by the radiologist in order to begin the exam.

The technologist will then insert an enema tip into your rectum to administer the contrast medium, or barium. Barium is a water-like substance and is not absorbed by your body.

The radiologist will come into the room to perform the examination and will monitor a video screen as your bowel fills with the barium. The radiologist will take some X-rays and leave the room as the technologist will take additional X-rays with an overhead camera.

Once the technologist confirms that all images are satisfactory you will be allowed to go to the restroom. After using the restroom, the technologist will capture a few more images to observe your bowel emptying the barium.

When your exam is complete you may leave and resume regular activities. If you received a contrast medium you will be given instructions to help remove the medium from your body. This will likely include drinking lots of fluids. You should contact your physician if your bowel habits undergo any significant changes following your exam.

A radiologist will review your exam images and report the findings to your doctor within 24 hours. Your doctor will then discuss the findings and next steps with you.
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